Tree of life, the immortally classic symbol for jewelry: the origin, exciting fact, and its implementation PART 1

The Tree of life is a timeless, universal symbol of spirituality, wisdom, goodness, and redemption that in recent years, has become fashionable for tattoos, pendants, or t-shirts. Throughout history, different races and religions have baptized it with different names, but its meaning is always the same: source of life.

  In almost all cultures you can find these trees of life in engravings, paintings, embroidery, prints or sculptures. The Tree of Life symbolizes the force of life that is born in the roots and that, reflected in the trunk of the Tree, grows in the direction of the sky. In addition, different powers such as healing, rejuvenation, and the ability to provide food are recognized in this Tree by some cultures.

   Numerous religions and beliefs have referred to the Tree of Life. The first references to the Tree of Life can be found in the Bible at the beginning of the genesis in the time of Adam and Eve located the Tree in the garden of Eden.


A symbol crosses the whole world

   For Kabbalah and Hebrew mysticism, the Tree of Life is also a key symbol and consists of ten interconnected nodes. It represents the restoration of harmony throughout the Creation. This meaning of the Tree of Life typical of ancient Kabbalah was later adopted by different religious traditions and esoteric theologies, as well as by magical practices with different purposes. Since the Renaissance, Jewish Kabbalah has become part of Western culture even among non-Jews and has also reached Christianity, the occult and esotericism.


  This is essentially an intro to a series of the article ”Tree of life, the immortally classic symbol for jewelry: the origin, exciting fact, and its implementation”. In this series of articles, we explore some exciting stories behind the ancient symbol called the Tree of Life which present itself in many cultures, religions, and usages all over the world. By going through to time and take a look at how this undying symbol of life was used, we essentially hope that we can discover the secret that makes it one of the most used symbols in the world.


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