Proper beauty plan for your summer holidays

Summer has already arrived, and the party has started. And that is when the musical
atmosphere begins to warm up with the arrival of heat, you feel crazy to enjoy some mojitos
after those long dinners with friends, to enjoy endless sessions of beach (only interrupted by a
visit from time to time to the beach bar), family excursions in search of the cool of the
mountains or the tranquility of the village of the grandparents (if you are one of those who
cannot stand the beach).
Finally! The summer trip that you have been preparing all year and, ultimately, is just around
the corner. Surely by now, you have almost everything ready for that little escape that, every
year, helps you to face the new course with a clear head and well-charged batteries.
Whatever the plan, do not forget to include in your checklist everything you need so
you do not have to give up one anything in your usual beauty tricks. Because we know that
on vacation, and more if you are away from home, it is more complicated to be methodical.

That is precisely why we want to provide you with the essential tricks that help you
become an expert in the art of traveling with style without using too many minutes a day, and
we give you a list of essential beauty tips, helpful products to bring along and essential
marcasite jewelry to bring in your travel bag.

Makeup remover wipes

If there is a task of vital importance when it comes to taking care of our skin, that is
the cleaning of the face, at least, at the end of the day.
We understand that carrying your makeup remover or micellar water can be a
somewhat uncomfortable option (especially for the restrictions of traveling by plane). But
you can opt to bring a good makeup remover wipes that adapt to your type of skin and, at
least, allow you to clean your face practically and effectively.


Start the holidays with a mantra that, also, you must keep in mind all year round:
Don’t burn me! To do this, always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen against UVA / UVB rays
and an SPF 50+ (especially for the face) and try to complete your summer look with the ideal
accessories for these dates: sunglasses and hat.


Hydration is another beauty advice that we should never forget, much more if we are
going to spend long hours exposed to the sun (either beach or mountain). Use the cream that
you usually use and that best suits your skin type.

Eye contour

Stress, tiredness, lack of sleep, poor diet; do you experience those on vacation? For
everybody, wanting to take advantage of all the hours of the day and not stopping for a
second is also exhausting. Therefore, do not neglect the work and successes in improving
your beauty with your daily routine throughout the year and do not forget to include the eye
contour in your express beauty kit.
Applying it should take nor more than 30 seconds, and it will allow you to wake up with a
good face, despite the effect of not sleeping properly for several days.


Do not forget always to wear a lip balm (better if you also have sunscreen). It will
allow you to fight against the intense summer sun and keep your lips perfectly hydrated.

A small set of marcasite jewelry

Traveling is not an excuse for not wearing pretty marcasite jewelry you bought
earlier! Be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or even watch, every type of marcasite
jewelry will suit you in almost any outfit. So don’t forget this precious marcasite jewelry next
time you prepare for summer travel plans, will you?
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Now, whatever your destination, we only wish you a happy holiday and that you can
find a little time for yourself and your beauty routine.