The perfect dress style manual for a working girl by a trustworthy custom jewelry

In this ‘Dressing in style: be the prettiest lady in your office’ series, we explore the
best garments you can wear to the workplace. Welcome the final part of this excellent series
brought to you by an impressive custom jewelry manufacturer.

It’s such a pity that you still have to go to your workplace in the summer. This hot
weather makes you want to dress as light as possible but doing that would make your outfit
not suitable for office time. This is such a dilemma for working girls like us in the summer.
But don't complicate your life. There are many styles of dress when it comes to
setting up your closet to hit and show your heart through the corridors of your office with
class and personality. The most important thing be true to your tastes and choose the essential
garments and jewelry that can best help you dress in style and succeed with your look to go to
work (yes, yes, also with this heat).
Therefore, if you have run out of ideas or do not know how to deal with working days
in the office with a look according to high temperatures, we give you some tips so you can
have the perfect dress style manual for a working girl:


A popular option this season is still risking and betting on the single color. Therefore,
dare and play it all in one color (including accessories) also when choosing your look to go to
work. We assure you a simple, groundbreaking, and exquisite result. Be risky with the colors
of the season: red rose quartz and dusty shades. You have a whole Pantone color range to
choose from.
Total white can also be perfect, and it is a trend this season. Of course, in this case,
combine it with accessories in some color that adds elegance and serves as a contrast, for
example, accessories and jewelry in black or yellow.
Finally, if it is Friday and you can opt for the classic "all black" accompany your
outfit with a good watch, a bold bracelet and give a touch of color with your accessories (for
example, a custom made earrings). Because you never know how those ends of the week
beers can end.


To walk with panache and stomping around the office, get some wedges in its
minimal version. In addition to being very comfortable, the standard esparto models that we
used since time immemorial to go to the beach were far away. Today we find reinvented
footwear that we can find in an infinite number of models and versions: wood, raffia, cork,
which makes wedges an option when it comes to complementing our look to go to work. To
go elegant, look for monochrome models and indiscreet and classic tones: nude, camel, black.

After you know how to dress for the occasion, you should get some beautiful custom-made
jewelry from a custom jewelry manufacturer to go with it.

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