The perfect dress style manual for a working girl by a caring silver jewelry manufacturer

In this ‘Dressing in style: be the prettiest lady in your office’ series, we explore the best
garments you can wear to workplace. Welcome the second part of this awesome series brought to you
by an awesome silver jewelry manufacturer.

The summer has come, yet you must go to the workplace. You have to wake up and
go to work, yet you have no clue what to wear. The disorder of dressing in the morning is
troublesome for working individuals. While the best choice is to set up your outfit the
previous night, we realize that however, we cannot do it every time.
If it is summer, getting dress seems to be even more complicated, since what you
really want is to pull shorts, comfortable and light suits and leave your feet in the air with
incredible flip flops a model that, let's be honest, almost in 100% of cases are not suitable for
our job.
Of course, we should not be willing to lose those pretty silver jewelry you bought
from a silver jewelry manufacturer, much less, to give up our style (and by the way, neither to
spend heat in that dark jacket suit that we have put on so many mornings after turning off five
times the alarm clock and the bull has taken us).


A must for your closet, season after season, is the everlasting white shirt. One of the
most worn pieces and adapted by designers and fashion brands. The thing is a must to have,
at least in its most classic version, in your closet. If you also want to get a unique design, this
summer, you should opt for a lace model, which will always bring a romantic touch to your
Accompany your white shirt with culottes, which continue to be trendy this summer,
or palazzo pants (even better with some original design or print). You will be very
comfortable, at the same time that you will be combining the sobriety of a formal garment
with the freshness of other lighter pieces.
For accessories, the white shirt gives a lot of play. Give it a minimal touch with a
small silver pendant that gives your outfit that subtle little point of style while giving it a bit
of sobriety and elegance, or fill it with a silver necklace or more original and striking silver


Another mandatory clothe in the perfect dress manual to go to the office: invest in a
unique skirt. With sandals and a simple t-shirt, you can achieve an ideal look that will also
help you for the whole day.
You can give it an even more summery touch with the "immortal" (and always very
hand-held) denim jacket, a basic garment and that, although it has never gone out of style,
this year reinvents itself to give your outfits that more informal and rebellious air that subtract
your professional styling a little sobriety. And because going to the office doesn't always
have to be synonymous with boredom.

For your accessories, opt for pure silver or gold bracelets and pearl earrings. You will
get a super chic mix of styles by contrasting the simple touch of denim fabric with the classic
style of pearls.

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