The perfect dress style manual for a working girl by an understanding marcasite
jewelry manufacturer

It is summer after all, but you must go to the office. You must get up to work but you
have no idea what to wear. The chaos of getting dress in the morning is real for working
people. While the best option is to prepare your outfit the night before, we know that, but it’s
not like we can do it every time.
We are not one of those (few) organized and farsighted people capable of preparing
your clothes the night before. Have we ever tried, but let's face it, it doesn't come out well?
Therefore, a question practically we ask each morning before going to work is: And what do I
wear today? (followed by the classic one: "I don't have anything to wear").
Therefore, a dress style manual for office girls has been written by an understanding
marcasite jewelry manufacturer that knows what you have to go through each morning. Why
would a marcasite jewelry manufacturer care about your dress, you ask? Making you
beautiful is their job and marcasite jewelry manufactures know it! Here are some essential
outfit that you can wear and be pretty in your office!


A blazer is a typical garment capable of giving almost any type of look a certain air of
elegance and formality: whether you wear it as a full jacket suit with pants of the same color
or with jeans. For summer temperatures, choose a fluid blazer, lightweight fabric and, of
course, get carried away by the colors and designs of the season.
A must-have in your closet: a white jacket. Super combinable and a stylish garment at the
time of lightening your look to go to work and give your styling a point of formality and, why
not, sensuality in its right measure.
Of course, always wear your blazer open! Also, combine it with some right marcasite
earrings or, if you are one of those who like to wear the sleeves rolled up, with a marcasite
bracelet or bangle that puts that different and risky point to your style.


It has been stomping in recent years and has become a quintessential off-road
garment. We talk about the shirt dress, a clothing that, simply and practically, does nothing
but provide us with multiple advantages: it is a comfortable, fresh and light dress that, in
addition, does not require much effort when combining it (already that being a dress you have
the complete piece, so it will always be a perfect option if you have spent time on it)
To give it a personal and different touch, play with the accessories: mark your shapes
with a marcasite-decorated belt, give your look a distinctive touch with the shoes and, of
course, decorate yourself with all kinds of jewelry that scream at the four winds that we are in

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In this ‘Dressing in style: be the prettiest lady in your office’ series, we explore the best
garments you can wear to workplace. There are two more articles so stay tuned for more! See you
next time!